3 Natural Drain Cleaners For Treating Sink Clogs


Having a clogged sink is bad enough, but using an over-the-counter chemical product to clear the gunk can feel like you're adding insult to injury. Not only can the chemicals used in commercial products be harmful to the environment, they can be deadly to human and animal life if not used correctly. Here are three natural non-toxic drain cleaners you can use that won't harm the environment. Vinegar and Baking Soda

12 August 2015

Water Flooding A House: The Possible Cause & Solution


Is there water all over the floor and coming out of the ceiling of your two-story house? Your sewer line may have backed up and led to wastewater flowing out of the plumbing fixtures and drains in your home. Find out below about the possible reasons water is everywhere, as well as what a plumber may have to do to the sewer line to fix the problem. What Can Cause Water from the Plumbing System to Flood a Home?

27 July 2015

Bubbling Toilet Water: Why The Main Sewer Pipe May Be The Cause


Are you thinking about replacing your toilet due to the bowl water bubbling up? The problem may not be due to the toilet malfunctioning, but can be the result of a problem with the sewer pipe. In this article, learn why the main sewer pipe can cause problems for you toilet and what kind of repair may be necessary. What Kind of Problems Can a Sewer Pipe Cause for a Toilet?

6 July 2015

Save Money By Converting Your Toilet To Low Flush


If you notice that your water bill is through the roof month after month, there is a good chance that you do not have the most efficient toilet that you possibly could. Fortunately, it is possible to convert the toilet you currently own into a low-flush toilet relatively easily by displacing the water. The following guide walks you through a few ways to convert your toilet. Use a Few Bricks

29 June 2015

Tips For Using Compressed Air To Remove A Stubborn Drain Clog


If you own an older home, plumbing problems can become so persistent you start to invest in significant plumbing supplies out of pure necessity. There are a variety of tools and liquids available to remove drain clogs. But there's one method of removing stubborn drain clogs that's increasing in popularity due to its efficacy and ease of use. Compressed air clog removers are available for rent at many equipment rental locations or for purchase online and at some hardware stores.

24 June 2015

Listen To What Your Furnace Is Trying To Tell You


Houses can be loud at times and listening to the sounds your house makes can keep you informed on how things are going with such things as your plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling systems. You can learn about the different sounds your furnace may make so you can determine when it's time to call out a professional HVAC technician for a possible problem. Normal sounds your furnace will make

19 June 2015

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Cove Heaters


Cove heaters make use of infrared rays, which is invisible light, in order to heat up objects instead of heating up the air. This allows for a specific area of a room to be heated up. Because of this unique method of operation, cove heaters provide a distinctive set of advantages and disadvantages over conventional heaters. Understanding what cove heaters have to offer are can help you decide whether or not they are right for your needs.

17 June 2015

How To Replace A Standard Kitchen Sink Drain Trap


The drain trap in your kitchen sink does more than prevent spoons from going down the pipes. A drain trap is designed to keep a small protective bubble of water under your sink to prevent sewer gases from coming up your pipes and into the kitchen. Damage to the trap can allow those gases to come into the room or cause the protective water to start leaking out. Replacing a drain trap doesn't require a plumber if you have strong do-it-yourself experience and an eye towards safety.

16 June 2015