Keeping Your Plumbing Flowing Smoothly

If you deal with plumbing clogs on a regular basis, you might find yourself struggling with bent wire hangers, chemical drain cleaner, and unfamiliar pipes. Unfortunately, unless you are a trained professional, all of your efforts might be in vain. Most people don't realize it, but it is possible to damage your plumbing by making a few missteps. If you use the wrong chemicals or you push a little too hard, you might end up dealing with damaged pipes or your clogging problem could get worse. Fortunately, you might be able to use this blog to help you to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly.

Water Flooding A House: The Possible Cause & Solution


Is there water all over the floor and coming out of the ceiling of your two-story house? Your sewer line may have backed up and led to wastewater flowing out of the plumbing fixtures and drains in your home. Find out below about the possible reasons water is everywhere, as well as what a plumber may have to do to the sewer line to fix the problem.

What Can Cause Water from the Plumbing System to Flood a Home?

One of the things that can lead to water in your house is a busted pipe. It is common for pipes to burst open when they are frozen during the winter, as well as when they become old and rusty. However, it is not likely that a busted pipe is responsible for water covering the floors and coming out of the ceiling. The nature of the problem points to a problem with the main sewer line to your house.

When the main sewer line becomes clogged up, it can push wastewater back through the drains of all of your plumbing fixtures at once. There are a few different things that may be causing the problem, such as tree roots, dirt, an accumulation of grease, or a combination of them all. Sometimes animals pass away in the main sewer line and their carcasses can create a blockage in the flow of sewerage.

What Kind of Repairs Does a Backed Up Sewer Line Require?

Removing debris will be the first thing that is attempted to fix the sewer line. One of the most powerful methods used for removing a clog is called sewer jetting. A plumber sends a long hose into the plumbing system that is able to release high pressured water. Before the water hits the clog of debris, a nozzle at the end of the hose is able to push through and break it up. Basically, the nozzle weakens the debris and the water immediately pushes it out of the sewer line.

If sewer jetting does not fix the problem, the plumber will look inside the pipe with a special camera. The camera will display images that may reveal cracks or damaged joints. The joints are used for connecting pipes together, and they can cause a major leak when damaged. Your landscape will be dug up if repairs to the sewer line are required. Contact a plumber like Aaron & Son Plumbers so the sewer line can get repaired before the water is removed from your house!


27 July 2015