Keeping Your Plumbing Flowing Smoothly

If you deal with plumbing clogs on a regular basis, you might find yourself struggling with bent wire hangers, chemical drain cleaner, and unfamiliar pipes. Unfortunately, unless you are a trained professional, all of your efforts might be in vain. Most people don't realize it, but it is possible to damage your plumbing by making a few missteps. If you use the wrong chemicals or you push a little too hard, you might end up dealing with damaged pipes or your clogging problem could get worse. Fortunately, you might be able to use this blog to help you to keep your plumbing flowing smoothly.

Save Money By Converting Your Toilet To Low Flush


If you notice that your water bill is through the roof month after month, there is a good chance that you do not have the most efficient toilet that you possibly could. Fortunately, it is possible to convert the toilet you currently own into a low-flush toilet relatively easily by displacing the water. The following guide walks you through a few ways to convert your toilet.

Use a Few Bricks

A few bricks can be placed in the tank to help with the amount of water that goes down the drain when you flush. Be sure that the bricks are positioned in such a way that they do not interfere with the inner workings of the toilet system. The bricks displace water so that less is used in the toilet.

Use a Bottle

Empty a two-liter bottle and soak it in a sink of hot water. Remove the labeling on the outside of the bottle. Pour sand into the bottom of the bottle until it is a quarter of the way full. Fill the rest of the bottle with water until it is almost full. Replace the cap on the top of the bottle. Place the bottle into the tank of your toilet. The sand keeps the bottle upright while it is in the tank.

Use Rocks

Fill a small plastic basket with rocks and place the basket inside of the toilet. The basket keeps the rocks from falling over and possibly going down the drain while the rocks still displace enough water to ensure that your toilet uses less water with each flush.

Hire a Plumber

Finally, if you feel that your toilet is too old to really benefit from these easy to use water displacement methods and you want to replace your toilet quickly, hire a professional plumber, like Fast Service Plumbing & Gas Fitting. There are many times when a low-flush or high-efficiency toilet is the best option for a home. There is a huge difference between a low-flush and high-efficiency toilet though. A plumber can evaluate the needs of your family and let you know which option is the best for you, and then install it for you quickly and easily so that you can start using it as soon as possible.

After it has been installed, wait for a month or two to compare your water bill to the bills from previous months. This allows you to really see how much of a difference converting your toilet made for you. 


29 June 2015