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Bubbling Toilet Water: Why The Main Sewer Pipe May Be The Cause


Are you thinking about replacing your toilet due to the bowl water bubbling up? The problem may not be due to the toilet malfunctioning, but can be the result of a problem with the sewer pipe. In this article, learn why the main sewer pipe can cause problems for you toilet and what kind of repair may be necessary.

What Kind of Problems Can a Sewer Pipe Cause for a Toilet?

The bubbling in your toilet water can be the result of there being air trapped in the plumbing system. The air can get trapped when there is something stuck in the main sewer pipe that is preventing water from flowing through the system. Solid waste from plumbing fixtures, trash, dirt, tree roots and animal carcasses are some of the common things that can back-up a sewer pipe and cause air to accumulate.

A backed up sewer pipe can also cause sewerage to come up out of your toilet. Basically, the sewerage is unable to leave out of the plumbing system so it flows back to your house. You can end up with toxic sewerage all over the place if you don't invest in a prompt repair.

What Kind of Repair is Needed to Stop Toilet Water from Bubbling?

A plumber must send trapped debris and sewerage through the plumbing system to release the air that is causing the toilet water to bubble up. The task can be accomplished by using a commercial plumbing snake to clean out the system. The snake is a device that wiggles in the pipe to break up anything that is stuck.

If the plumbing snake is unsuccessful, the plumber can use a powerful jetting machine to clear out the system. Jetting a sewer pipe is done with high pressure water, a hose and nozzle. The hose is used to travel deep into the pipe while releasing water. The nozzle at the end of the hose is used for breaking up debris or busting through tree roots.

Sometimes using a commercial grade plunger is the only thing that is needed to stop toilet water from bubbling. The plunger is powerful enough to push whatever is trapped in the toilet bowl hole through the system.  There is no need for you to replace a bubbling toilet unless you want one that can produce more pressure when it is flushed. Speak to a plumber as soon as possible to find out if the sewer pipe is clogged up!

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6 July 2015