Strange Smells From The Water? Look Closer For The Cause


The smell of local water can say a lot about local water treatment and your own plumbing. Contaminants, maintenance, changes to purification processes, clogs and plumbing irregularities can lead to changes to your water that will either manifest as clogs, weak water pressure or smells. Take a look at a few scent indicators and related problems to figure out what could be wrong with your plumbing or water system in general.

25 May 2016

What To Do When Your Water Bills Suddenly Skyrocket


When your water bills go from a comfortable level to exorbitantly high seemingly overnight, it's important to get to the bottom of the issue. After all, nobody wants to pay more for water than they have to. Follow these steps to identify the problem and hopefully fix it. Step 1: Check for running toilets. If your toilet is located in an isolated area in your home, it might be running continually without having been detected.

8 February 2016